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 Senses Residential and Day Care for Special Needs

Also known as the Humanitarian Senses Centre. The Center provides care, rehabilitation, shelter for mentally-challenged, special needs children and adults from ages 1 to 22 years.

Center Objectives

  • Provision of integrated therapeutic, rehabilitative and educational services.

  • Provision of a residential section for people with severe disability, orphans with disability, and orphans with emotional and behavioral disorder.

  • Educating, raising awareness and training of families of children with special needs.

  • Establishment of specialized section in systematic developmental assessment and behavior modification program for all families of people with special needs.

  • Provision of training department to develop the human resources working with those children with special needs

Rotary Club of Jumeirah has provided Therapy Room Equipment worth of 41,105.00 AED.

Other Rotarians combined with Rotaract have contributed another AED 75,000 for equipment and furniture. Our  support the Center is ongoing as they move to their new premises and we support them to achieve their objectives

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