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Past Projects

Kathmandu visit Eco-Farm

A member of Our RC (Jumeirah) had a personal contact with Mr.Bibhu, who was a founder of Eco-Farm, an independent orphanage in Kathmandu. One day in 2014 we decided to visit Eco-Farm and formed a group of 15 persons. We traveled to Kathmandu and visited Eco-Farm with small amount of donation at that time. The timing was just before Diwari, which is the festive season in Nepal. We exchanged friendship with children at Eco-Farm, which expanded to the communication with local RC in Kathmandu.

Our visit continued for 4 consecutive years. Every time we formed a group and enjoyed trip for the cause, friendship as well as sightseeing including Nepal food!
The total donation to Eco-Farm amounted to USD 17,000 in total, which was used to support basic infrastructure, children’s education and food. They welcomed our support and we enjoy good friendship.

Total amount donated: USD 17,000

Products Contribution :Clothes and stationaries


The Al Noor Training Center

Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs opened its doors in Dubai on November 21st, 1981, starting with only eight children. Currently the Centre serves 265 children and look forward to accommodating up to 300 children in the new facility. The Centre runs under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs. An appointed Board of Governors formulate the governing policies, which are then implemented by the Director of the Centre. Rotary Club Jumeirah has become involved in the Child sponsorship Program which is an integral part of the fundraising activity of Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs. It has been set up to aid the parents of children in the Centre who are financially challenged and therefore, are unable to provide the full tuition fees. Our Club has also sponsored a large fish tank in the recreation area for the children.  

Total Funding 15,000 AED 

El Mawa Street Children Shelter Egypt

We have raised 10,000 USD for Al Mawa Center in Cairo for street children shelter. We have decided to use this 10,000 USD for daily food and additional educational program for one year for all kids benefiting from the shelter.   

Total Funding 36,800 AED


The Emirates Environmental Green Globe tree planting Project UAE

Rotary Club Jumeirah in support of the billion tree campaign assists EEG (an accredited member of UNEPs governing council) pledged to plant 1 million trees throughout UAE by the end of the year 2007. The pledge was in step with EEG’s policy to combat global warming and mitigate the impact of human actions on the environment. It is proven beyond doubt that global warming and the associated climate change has been the one resolute factor that has played a key role in the recent series of worsening weather patterns all over the world. It is therefore imperative to recognize the burgeoning issue of climate change. Rotary Club Jumeirah was offered the unique opportunity to pledge indigenous trees with the UNEP One Billion Tree Campaign, through EEG. We will assist in planting more trees in June of 2010.


The Labor Camps project with Saher Shaikh, UAE

Rotary Club Jumeirah and Dubai residents turned out in their droves at The Shelter in Al Quoz to lend a hand packing care boxes for workers in Dubai’s labor camps. Word about the event spread through Twitter and Facebook, and a nameless group of individuals from all nationalities and walks of life came together at the given time and place, headed up by one woman, Saher Shaikh.

The logistics of the operation is staggering. In total 2,000 care packages containing basic hygiene and food items, towels, bed sheets and prayer mats for Muslims, and 1,000 mattresses and pillows will be distributed to labor camps in Jebel Ali, Dubai Investment Park and Ajman.

About 240 volunteers including Rotarians and Rotaractors signed up and registered yet the actual number of people that helped out over the course of the day was in excess of 300 volunteer. Six months of assessing camps, liaising with camp supervisors and canvassing laborers to find out which items are most needed, have gone into the effort. It’s hard to believe that all this has happened through one person’s determination.

Saher Has just started assisting with getting the Laborers to English lessons at the American University in Dubai and Rotary Club Jumeirah has donated the money for the transport for the  3 months.

Club have raised a total of 4,510AED

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