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Seeds of Light School

The CR HOPE Foundation is a charity, not-for-profit organization launched in 2017 and registered in Zanzibar, Tanzania with license number Z000096123.

Since January 2020, the foundation runs ‘Seeds of Light’ school, which provides free education to 53 unprivileged students aged between 4-7 years old. The school is located in Kizimkazi area, a fishermen village of almost 1,000 people.

The Rotary Club of Jumeirah organised a trip to Zanzibar between 12-21 February 2021, with an aim to bond with fellow Rotarians and support the ‘Seeds of Light’ school. The Rotarians brought with them more than 300kg of donations including stationary, t-shirts, backpacks, books, kids clothing, TVs, laptops, and other essential items to be used by the students, the teachers and the volunteers.

In this trip our members met with other groups of people who visited the island for the same cause. The Rotarians spent the first 3 days in Stone Town where they had the chance to do a cultural city tour and attend ‘Sauti za Busara’, an African music festival held every year in February. Then, they moved to Kizimkazi village to volunteer with CR HOPE Foundation.

The students at the school introduced themselves and held a welcome show to honor their visitors. All donations were distributed to the students in bags that were donated by the Rotaract Club of Dubai. Each day, our members would spend time in the classrooms with students and volunteers, who live on the island and assist with English teaching.

It was a trip of a lifetime; it was a trip of healing and it was a trip of charity. Even though the current situation there was great attendance even though we are going through covid period, next year we will go again.

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